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Warriors, What Are You Thankful For?

Too often we get so caught up in the thought of tables full of delicious turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie during this time of year and we forget the true meaning of Thanksgiving. This is the time of year to express our gratitude for all of the many blessings we have been given and to spend quality time with loved ones. With that being said, let’s see what a few Winona State students are thankful for this year…

“What are you thankful for?”



“Family, old friends and new friends.” -Amber Pribnow


“I am thankful for every blessing, lesson learned, lost love and the
wonderful friends I have made here at Winona State.” -Emily Olson


“I am thankful that God loves me, for my family,
and for the people I have met here at Winona State.” -Anna Cho


“I am thankful for my friends, family, and experiences
here so far at Winona State.” -Ellie Figlmiller


“I am thankful to serve a loving God who never
changes in a world that always is.” -McKenna Cook


“I am thankful for this Winona community
and the friendships that I have made.” -Leah Stoeckel


“I am thankful for every day that I am alive.
Some days may be harder than other days but any day
above ground is a good day.” -Lizette Salazar

As you can see, there are many things to be grateful for, especially when you are a Winona State student. Many lasting memories and friendships are created here at Winona and those are treasures to be truly grateful for. Each of these girls have their differences in interests ranging from gymnastics to sororities to videography, but they are all thankful for the diverse community that Winona State offers, which granted them the opportunity to become best friends.

-Erin Kloepping

Holiday Mug Design Contest!


As everyone has probably seen on Facebook and other social media outlets, controversy has been brewing over Starbucks’ red holiday cups. According to some people, the red design of the cups that lack Christmas-related images is offensive, while other people think it’s ridiculous people are making such a big deal out of this.

Out of this disagreement, an awesome contest here at WSU is born!

We want to see your holiday creativity on a mug as WSU holds a Holiday Mug Design Contest. Create a festive design to be printed on a mug, incorporating Winona State graphics and any other holiday components.

Submissions will be accepted until Friday, Dec. 4 and the winner will be revealed Monday, Dec. 7. If your design is chosen, you will win a mug with your design printed on it! Other Warriors will also be able to order your mug.

Please submit your design by either messaging Winona State University on Facebook with your file and contact information, or tweet your image at @winonastateu with the hashtag: #WSUMug

Design specs:
900px x 680px at 200ppi

We know you have a latte on your mind with finals, but take an hour or two and espresso yourself and turn your stress into creativity!

-Allison Mueller

A Day in the Life of a Tournament Bass Fisherman

The Winona State Fishing Club has seen many successes this year and are becoming more widely known over the country and in our community. The club has racked up roughly $30,000 in winnings over the past few years, and had held a number one ranking in the nation for a while. Many of us don’t know what it takes to be a competitive bass fisherman, so I interviewed the president of our fishing club to get a better idea of what a tournament day looks like! Here is his step-by-step breakdown of the day. The quotes, photos and gifs are contributed by Winona State Fishing Club president Cade Laufenberg.

1) Waking up before the sun rises


If take off is at 6 a.m., anglers are usually up no later than 4:30 a.m. to make final preparations on the boat, eat and drive to the launch site.

“If things go smoothly, I love the morning anticipation. If there is anything wrong and I have to fix something or otherwise do something I didn’t plan on when time is running out before take off, and this happens from time to time, it can be extremely stressful.”

2) Waiting in line to put the boat in the water


“If you’re at the back of a 100 boat line, it can be a grueling wait for your turn. The anxiousness to get competition underway only amplifies the situation.”

3) Boat is in the water – now you can enjoy your coffee


Winona State Fishing Club members.

“It’s nice to take a sip of coffee, and go through a brief run down in your head, or with your fishing partner of where you plan to fish today, how you plan to catch fish, and a series of possible outcomes and alternatives.”

4) Making last minute preparations


“After some last minute preparations and game plans are made, usually some casual mingling takes place among anglers. This usually means floating around in the boats looking for other anglers who you consider your friends. Jokes are made, conversations are had to lighten the mood and you wish each other luck before take off.”

5) Going through the final boat check


“Finally, its time for things to get underway. The tournament director plays the national anthem, and begins to run boat checks and take off procedure. This means a last minute check of all boat equipment is necessary. The live wells must be working properly, lifejackets must be on, and the boat’s running lights must be working in order to be authorized for take off. Once these things past the test, all is good to go.”

6) And the tournament begins!


“It’s blast off time! A short idle out to the end of the slow no wake, and then time to put the hammer down on the throttle. Its an all out race to the starting spot, which is usually the best spot an angler has found in their week of pre-tournament practice. Boats traveling as fast as 80 mph, ripping up and down the lake to try and get to their areas first, and its an adrenaline rush.”

7) The first hurdle and changing strategy fast


“You get to your starting spot only to find out someone else is already on it. This is a tournament angler’s worst nightmare. Not only are you worried because you relied on catching fish there, but you also know that your fellow competitor will probably do well there. Luckily you have a strategy in case this happened so you go to your secondary spot. Nobody is there! Thank goodness.”

8) Catching your first fish of the day


“Spot number two had a ton of fish in practice, but they weren’t very big. At least you should be able to get your five bass limit here, you reason, and then you can upgrade elsewhere. Hold up! It’s the first bite of the day – and it’s a big one!”

9) Completely changing your game plan


“You’re taken by surprise that you caught a big one at this area. Now your game plan has completely changed. You decide to give this area a couple of hours on a hunch that there are more quality fish there. After you finish here, you’ll re-prioritize your spots accordingly to fit what’s left of your eight-hour day.”

10) Moving to your next spot


“You grind out this spot for two hours and manage to pull two more big fish off the area. But it’s been over an hour without a bite and it’s time to look at other areas. You’re extremely happy with how this decision panned out, and it just goes to show how quickly things can change in this sport. If someone was not on your starting area, you never would have started here and caught those big fish.”

11) Keeping your head in the game


Featuring Cade Laufenberg, created by Lauren Reuteler.

“With six hours left in the day and only two quality fish needed to have a great chance to win the tournament, you’re on cloud nine. But it’s important to keep it together. Sometimes catching two fish is easier said than done.”

12) Hurdle number two


Featuring Cade Laufenberg, created by Lauren Reuteler.

“Sure enough, suddenly its 12 p.m. Weigh in is at 3:00 and you’ve still got only the three fish you caught earlier. You’ve stopped at several locations that you thought you could catch fish and failed to register even a bite. It’s time to make a change- both in area and fishing techniques.”

13) Changing up your fishing strategies


“You decide to run to the opposite end of the lake, and instead of fishing deep water for big fish like you had been, you’ll opt for shallow water where you think you can just catch some smaller fish to finish out your limit. At this point you’ll take anything you can get.”

14) Getting your confidence back


Featuring Cade Laufenberg, created by Lauren Reuteler.

“Finally at 2:00, fish number four goes in the live well. Its not huge, but respectable, and is a monumental lift, breathing new life into you. You were almost out of it mentally, but now realizing you’re one big fish away from potentially winning, you’re fishing harder than ever before.”

15) Showing those fish who is boss


“The next cast, you hook a giant. It gives you a huge fight, and you’re shaking the entire time. 45 seconds feels like hours. Finally it comes to the net and is in the boat. You know you have a good chance to win now, and you’re moved to the point of screaming uncontrollably in a boat on a public lake with hundreds of people who can hear you plain as day. You don’t care.”

16) Weigh in


“Finally, its time to weigh your fish; your 5 bass limit totally 22 pounds is impressive, but now you must wait to see if anyone else can knock it off. One by one, anglers come to the stage with bags that look heavy, only to fall just short. It’s the same feeling you had on your way to the starting spot, hoping you’d get it. The same feeling you had at the end when you hooked the big fish and battled it, shaking, to the boat. When you find out that nobody has beaten you, the feeling is indescribable. Your day consisted of so much emotion, so much mental focus, and now you get to pour it all out on stage while you collect your trophy and check.

17) Resting and reflecting on your day


“At this point, you feel more energized and excited than ever before, but in a few short hours, you’ll be passed out. Fishing takes a lot out of you – physically, mentally and emotionally. But that is why it is so much fun, exciting, and addicting.”

-Lauren Reuteler and Cade Laufenberg

Alumni do it Best


When I graduate from this institution, I will be proud to call myself a Winona State Warrior. I’m proud and completely devoted to the school that provided me an education, friendships and plenty of memories that will last a lifetime. Winona State puts on many various alumni events to keep our alumni connected to this university. Just because graduation is arriving for me in a year or so does that mean I have to cut off all ties with the school. I will always try and help future students by donating back to Winona State.

Many students on campus don’t realize how crucial donations are to WSU. I hear students casually conversing and I always hear complaints about being called and asked for money after graduation. The most common statements I hear include, “Winona State doesn’t need anymore money” and “I already pay tuition, isn’t that enough?” I fully understand why students are saying this around campus, but hear me out. The Integrated Wellness Complex, the gym and my home as an exercise science student, was funded by donations. That building wouldn’t exist if we didn’t have alumni who cared about the future of Winona State University. It’s crazy to think that past alumni, who love this school as much as I do, fund one of my favorite buildings on campus. Also, our state only gives 18% to WSU alone. That’s really not a lot. Plus if WSU wants to expand and create new programs to attract upcoming students, that budget will be depleted rather quickly. Donations are really key in the success of any university. WSU isn’t the only university that asks its students to give back.

Let’s take tuition for example. Sure, you pay a lot each semester, but let’s think of some basic expenses. There are the professors’ salaries, bills to for all the buildings, the laptop program in which you receive a laptop, room and board, and more. Tuition goes to a variety of things, but not to building renovations or to scholarships. The presence of alumni on campus allows for the existence of scholarships. Past alumni and local businesses in the Winona area fund scholarships. Any scholarship amount really makes a difference, even if it only pays for books for a semester. If alumni never gave back to WSU, scholarships would be nonexistent and that would make paying for school that much more difficult.

If and when a caller calls you for donations after graduation, don’t just shut them down. Even giving $20 can make a difference. Many people will have student loans, car payments and other bills to pay off, but everyone can make a difference. This university is growing rapidly and it needs as much support as it can get. If donating money isn’t something you’re interested in, donate your time. Connect at different alumni events when you’re invited to them and connect with future students, too.

Once a warrior, always a warrior.

-Mariah Kaercher

Internships are Important!


Landing your dream job right after you graduate college may seem impossible. Many of us struggle because we need to gain experience working in the field, but most employers want you to have experience before they hire you. This is where an internship can come into to play. Many of you are probably sick of hearing about internships or the thought of finding one and applying stresses you out. Some people are required to have one to graduate, while others are “strongly encouraged.” But what many people do not know is why EVERYONE should have an internship during their college years.

An internship is crucial. Not only does it give you experience in the field you are studying, but it also helps you determine if you truly love that field. Maybe you would rather work in public relations versus advertising or you’re a better fit for social work rather than psychology. In addition, if you succeed at an internship you may get your foot in the door with a future employer!

You can also build relationships with your employer, which can lead to him or her mentoring you. You can gain firsthand experience working in the field, and you will learn new skills. This can lead to you to establishing other connections that will also help you in the future. As annoying or stressful it is to hear about internships right now, it will only benefit you in the long run!

Start your internship search today!

-Kayla Severson

The Hottest Coffee Shops in Winona

When people talk about the amount of coffee I consume they may say I’m an addict. They aren’t kidding. Since I have been in Winona I have successfully visited every coffee shop…more than once. Coffee shops are one of my favorite places to hang out with friends and also to study at! I love that each coffee shop is a little different and has its own unique feel to it. Here are four of my favorite coffee shops in Winona, in no particular order, that I would encourage you to check out:

Acoustic Cafe

The Acoustic Cafe has tasty food and awesome artist displays!

Acoustic Café has a very unique atmosphere that is filled with a community of artists. On the weekends there is free entertainment by local musicians and they display beautiful artwork made by local artists all around the cafe. I like Acoustic Café more for its food than its caffeinated beverages. I would definitely recommend their ice cream, sandwiches, cookies and I have heard rumors that they make a mean caesar salad! Although they provide many options for seating, their chairs are not the most comfortable. Other than that, acoustic is a great place to have lunch with friends or to study for your next test.

Mugby Junction

Mugby Junction has three locations in Winona, one conveniently right across the street from campus.

Mugby Junction is probably my favorite because they have PUMPKIN FLAVORED LATTES ALL YEAR ROUND! I’m not a crazy person; I’m just the definition of a true white girl. In addition, Mugby Junction is very convenient because they have three different locations around town. Their most popular location is right across the street from campus (451 Huff Street). This location is a great place for coffee dates with friends and has many comfortable seating options that provide a cozy, homelike atmosphere. However, this location is very popular and it can be pretty packed with people. Therefore, I would not recommend this coffee shop as a great place to study if you get distracted easily and are a people-watcher like me. Mugby Junction also has a location ON campus on the first floor of Somsen Hall! This is seriously the greatest thing ever because if you are like me and have half of your classes on the THIRD FLOOR of Somsen, you can stop in for a refreshing blended chai after you have descended from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro (I may be exaggerating a little…or maybe I should hit the gym a little more). Lastly, Mugby Junction has a third location in Winona that is a little further from campus (718 Mankato Avenue). This location is awesome if you are just picking up a few groceries at Wal-Mart or Target and need a warm cup of coffee on your way back home. They even have a drive-thru at this location!

Blooming Grounds

Delicious desserts fill the glass cases in Blooming Grounds! They’re impossible to resist.

Blooming Grounds has a very fun, vintage atmosphere. There are string lights hanging from the ceiling that give the room a homelike, back patio type of feel. Blooming Grounds is awesome because they are open really late. I love going there late at night with my friends after all of my evening activities are over to grab a smoothie and a yummy dessert. Blooming Grounds also offers live entertainment on certain nights. I have yet to attend one of their events, but I have heard that they are really awesome! The only downside to Blooming Grounds is that they are farther away from campus (50 E 3rd Street). But that also makes it a little quieter, making it a great place to grab a chocolate concoction and hit the books. They also deliver on weekdays!

Blue Heron

The Blue Heron allows you to grab a tasty treat, cup of coffee and a great book all at once!

Blue Heron is the place to be! Not only is it a coffee shop, but it is also connected to a bookstore. The Blue Heron is a great place to study, hang out with friends or just read a good book with a good cup of coffee on a cold day. The Blue Heron is also a little farther from campus (162 W 2nd Street), but much like Blooming Grounds, it makes for the perfect studying environment. I would definitely recommend their butterscotch latte! Also, check out their food while you’re there. Their dessert case will make you drool, and they also have yummy sandwiches, soups, salads and more!

I hope you enjoyed reading about Winona’s must-visit coffee shops. I would encourage you to check out at least one of them, or all of them (no shame). If you happen to go to one and see a weird girl in the corner inhaling her white pumpkin latte like you wouldn’t believe, do not be alarmed; it’s probably me.

Until next time, fellow coffee lovers.

-Erin Kloepping

Autumn: 15 Reasons to FALL in Love With the Season

Everyone has his or her favorite time of the year, but no one can deny that each October we FALL in love with the crisp air and changing leaves! Here are 15 reasons why we FALL in love with autumn:

1. Those changing leaves that make every street corner bright and every sidewalk crunchy

Between the bluffs and the reflections of the trees we see in our lakes and the river, there’s no escaping the beauty that engulfs us during these few pre-winter months. And of course, no one can resist the satisfaction that is stepping on those crunchy leaves all over campus.

2. Picking out and carving your favorite pumpkin


From big to small, it’s always fun to turn our pumpkins into fun Halloween lanterns. Not to mention, finding seeds through the slimy insides to put aside and bake as yummy seasonal treats!

3. Dressing up to be anything and everything without the slightest of judgments because who cares, it’s Halloween


It’s the one-day of the year you get to be WHATEVER you want. Go all out. You do you. It’s your time to really let loose and have fun with it!

4. Because who doesn’t love getting lost in a corn maze?


We all think its fun and games when we first enter that corn maze, but it’s definitely a relief finding our way back out. You’ll never be so happy to see more than cornstalks surrounding you, but the adventure you took to get there never gets old!

5. Haunted Houses


If you love the thrill, don’t forget to take advantage of all the haunt that comes alive in October! If you’re looking for a haunted house near you, check out the SMU ‘Walk of Horror’.

6. Not having to pay those pesky AC or heat bills


Fall weather is perfect in that it’s not too hot, and it’s not too cold. Our homes stay the perfect temperatures that the outdoors gives us and allows us to save money for more important things – like food.

7. The best of the best food recipes resurface


Chili, apple pie and our favorite hot drinks come back from its summer-time hibernation and fill us up with warm deliciousness!

 8. Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING


Tis the season to be basic and be proud! From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin pies, everyone enjoys their seasonal flavors to put them in the autumn spirit.

9. Visiting your favorite apple orchards


Apple orchards are perfect for dates or a day to hang with your friends (not to mention, the cute pictures you can take!) Picking apples and going on hayrides while you bite into a juicy delicious caramel apple; it doesn’t get better than that!

10. Perfect bon fire weather


Sitting around a warm fire bundled up in blankets and sweatshirts without sweating – it’s the perfect time of the year to practice your perfect s’mores-making skills.

11. Fall fashion is the best fashion


Girls typically take full advantage of fall fashion, and guys do too! It’s the easiest season to be comfy and still look like you’re up-to-date with the best fashion magazines.

12. Thanksgiving


Once we’re all full of candy we only get one month before we head home to see our families and pig out on a delicious Thanksgiving dinner! At this point, no one is ready to eat until Christmas.

13. The calm before Christmas


Fall gets us ready for the best of the upcoming holiday season, but it’s not close enough for us to stress just yet. There’s definitely time to be excited now and freak out later when we’re scrabbling to find last-minute gifts!

14. Football season begins


Whether you’re a fan or not, everyone can get down with Sunday Football. What’s better than yelling at people on the T.V while chowing down on endless chicken wings and chips?

15. Finding every excuse to get free candy!


As college students, it’s probably deemed socially unacceptable to trick-or-treat, so why not find that perfect loophole to get free candy? I mean, what are your nieces and nephews really for?

-Lauren Reuteler

Keep Calm and Rock That Test

It’s one of everyone’s favorite times of the semester: midterms! Were you one of those students who could put in minimal effort and still ace your exams in high school? Well, let me be the first to warn you that those habits will not serve you well in college. I was one of those students in high school where I could get an A on any of the tests I took. In college, this was a reality-shock to me when I did horrible on my first midterms. To save you from falling into that pit, try to follow these simple tips for a successful midterm season:

1. Write tasks down


With everything going on, it can be easy to forget all those deadlines coming up. Do yourself a favor and make a note of everything you need to do and everywhere you need to be over the next few weeks. Personally, using online calendars that sync with my university laptop and tablet works really well for me! One free app in particular I like is Trello.

2. Utilize study tools


There are tons of cheap (or free) apps for your phone, tablet and laptop that can help you make the most of your study time!

3. Reduce distractions


One of the quickest ways to lose focus is studying someplace where you’ll be constantly interrupted. Find a quiet place on campus like the library or Baldwin Lounge to review your notes and prepare for upcoming exams! Personally, I can’t study that well in my room – I would rather clean than study, usually. So I have to be careful when I choose that option. Do what works best for you!

4. Stay healthy


Nothing can derail your plans like a nasty case of the flu or simple exhaustion. To ensure best performance on your exams, make sure you are getting plenty of extra sleep in the days leading up to your tests. Fuel your brain with healthy treats and make sure to start each day off with a good breakfast. Your mind will focus better if it gets a break every now and then, so be sure to schedule time for a quick walk/run or other exercise, as this will actually help you concentrate better when you get back to studying.

5. All-nighters DO NOT work


Your body will be more stressed from lack of sleep and you’ll find it harder to focus on your tests. Study over the course of the semester in increments, and you’ll find you are less stressed and you will do a lot better!

-John Otis

5 Ways to Beat Procrastination

We all have a love-hate relationship with procrastination. An assignment is due next Monday so that means you’ll start it next Sunday, right? This technique may work for some people, but it can cause stress and if you put something off until the night before you usually won’t produce your best work. It’s time to get a handle on this killer habit of procrastination and get to work! Here’s how:

1. Don’t wait until the last minute


Just do it. If you’re given a month to finish a group project, don’t push it off. Start preparing a plan and a way to tackle the big assignment that first week. Work on parts of your project or assignment bit by bit each day. Your future self will thank you because you didn’t cram those couple days before it was due.

2. Find that motivation


Remind yourself frequently all the positives that will come out of all your hard work. Maybe you find your motivation from a great studying playlist that helps get you focused. Try getting a friend to help push you to finish your work and to stop procrastinating.

3. Put the phone and all other possible distractions away 


It’s hard to focus on schoolwork when you’d much rather be doing any other possible thing instead. But your phone is your number one distraction! If you’re working on homework in your room, put your phone on the complete other side of the room so you’re less tempted to check it every five minutes.  It’s crazy how much work you can get done when you’re not constantly texting and checking social media.

4. Make a to-do list 


Make a plan. When you write out all of your tasks and check them off one by one as you do them you will feel more accomplished and motivated to finish the next one. It’s a great feeling when you have check marks next to everything you needed to get done.

5. Reward yourself 


If you’re following your plan and feeling on track then you deserve a break! Try not to check any electronic devices for an hour and then reward yourself. Go get ice cream with a friend, watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix or take a nap. It’s okay to have short breaks, but not too many. After your reward be sure to hit the books again!

Good luck preparing for midterms, Warriors!

-Kassidy Jackson

How To Hunt For Housing

After freshman year it’s a little difficult to find housing. You can go through Winona State again and live somewhere else on campus, or you can find somewhere off campus. I chose the latter!

My friend and I were planning on living together on campus again, but found out that one of her classmates and friend were looking for a place to live next year also. We then decided to live off campus.

We knew that we could have pets because the other friend already had a dog. We thought it’d be great! Well, June 1st came and we all moved into our new place. She was working in her hometown for the summer so she dropped her stuff off and left to go back home.

I got a cat, and when my friend came back she discovered she was allergic to cats.

Things didn’t work out as far as living together, so here’s my first bit of advice: If you don’t know every quirk about your roommate(s) and can’t see yourself dealing with him or her, don’t live with them. Sometimes people don’t mesh well and that’s perfectly normal.

Now, my new roommate and I get along great! She deals with my quirks as do I with hers. We had to look for housing for next year since we don’t want to live with the dog, which was not fun.

We decided to go through the same landlord we have this year since she said she would give us a pet deal as we both have cats.

While deciding on a place was not easy or fun, the actual process was rather easy. We called our landlord and said we were looking for two bedroom places. She gave us some properties to look at on her website so we would have a better idea of the ones we like. We set up a time and place to meet and then took a tour of the places.

If you have never been on a house tour, they can sometimes be awkward. You walk into places that have people living there, and they’re sometimes even home at the time of your tour. So basically you intrude into their lives for about 10 minutes and imagine your stuff in place of theirs – kind of strange.

We looked at a total of three places, all on the same property.

The total time we spent looking at the places was probably around 15 minutes. After we were done, the landlord asked us if we had decided on what we wanted to do. And we had. We chose a cute little place just big enough for the cats and us. She gave us some time to think some more and we met at a neutral location: Hardee’s.

We sat down, signed leases and talked things over. Boom! Housing for next year, all set up. Plus we got some food!

So when looking for housing off campus here are some tips:

  1. Know the people you are going to live with. Friendships can be ruined when you live with your best friend, so make sure you can handle each other’s personalities and quirks.
  2. If you have family that is willing to come and help look at places you might pick, have them come! They have been in your position and have gone house hunting before. They know what to look for in a house, and they know what could potentially give you problems.
  3. Know your price point. I probably would have preferred to pay less than what I do now, but who wouldn’t? Besides, I have a cat. I can’t be too picky with my standards.
  4. Know your limits. Do you have a car? Are you willing to walk and bike in the snow when it rains or when it’s so hot you can barely breathe?
  5. Finally, pick a place you won’t hate once you move in. Make sure it has enough room for what you want there and what you want to do. Want to have get-togethers? Pick a bigger place. Want to be an introvert? Get a smaller place.

As a side note, if you decide to get a pet make sure your landlord is okay with it. Many landlords will kick you out if they find out you have a pet when the lease states that this is not allowed. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you and your pet will be homeless. It’s not fun for anyone.

Happy hunting!

-Rachel Adam