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WarriorsINNOVATE Challenge


Look around; the things we take for granted everyday started with a simple idea. These ideas often arrive in the form of discontent. People have used their mind to improve our setting since the beginning of mankind. Nothing has been done perfectly yet, even though innovators around the world continue to push us forward. At WSU, every student will be invited to take part in the WarriorsINNOVATE Challenge. The WarriorsINNOVATE Challenge is a competition that provides an opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills needed to put innovative ideas into action, as well as a chance to win a share of $10,000 toward jumpstarting that idea.

The greatness of an individual is not about how much money one makes, but in one’s ability to positively affect those around them. At this competition, students will be able use their knowledge and fresh ideas to re-create the world around them. This challenge is open to all majors; bring your unique perspective and talent: skills including coding, communications, finance, mathematics, health, strategic management, sports science, or any subject. This competition is open to all colleges: Science and Engineering, Business, Education, Liberal Arts, or Nursing and Health Sciences. There will be three major categories which a team or individual may enter: Business/Product Ventures (for-profit), Social Entrepreneurship (non-profit), or University Innovation (improving WSU).

The challenge kicks off with a discovery forum on Thursday, Oct. 27 at 6pm in the Science Laboratory Center (SLC) Atrium. Now to make things clear, students do not need to have an idea at the time of this event. It is a time where students can learn more about what it takes to bring an idea to life. The forum will provide an outline of the WarriorsINNOVATE Challenge, along with an opportunity to network and seek inspiration from local and alumni entrepreneurs. This is also a time to connect with other students that you may want to form a team with. Keep visiting the WarriorsINNOVATE Challenge page as additional details are added!

 -Nick Schroeder


#WarriorFamily Photo Contest


Warriors, it’s time to welcome loved ones to your beautiful city and campus this weekend, September 23-25. It’s WSU Family Weekend, and the university is offering a ton of different events and activities on and off campus for you and your family to enjoy.

Your guests will be eager to explore the campus you call home. To assist in this tour you will be leading, here are 6 spots on campus that provide a perfect photo opportunity – better yet, WSU has turned these suggestions into a friendly competition as the #WarriorFamily Photo Contest! Here are the spots you’ll need to hit up:

1) The gazebo

Of course you’ll have to snag a pic at the focal point of WSU’s campus.

2) Lauren’s Pond


On the side of the Performing Arts Center near Somsen Hall sits a perfect spot for a family photo, and you might want to include the fishy friends there as well! The koi pond is a unique feature to campus that you’ll definitely want to show off to your visitors.

3) “The Children’s Garden”


Between Gildemeister Hall and Kryzsko Commons there is a beautiful fountain surrounded by colorful flowers that serves as a photo spot! “The Children’s Garden” was dedicated to Dr. and Mrs. Darrell W. Krueger, the 13th president of WSU.

4) The stone sign by Sheehan Hall


As your guests drive into Winona and approach campus on Huff Street, they’ll definitely see the large stone “Winona State University” sign on the corner by Sheehan Hall. What a great spot to take a group shot!

5) Kirkland’s “Stardust”


When you walk through the Science Laboratory Center Atrium (SLC) you can find the large, stone structure in the shape of a star in the middle of the area surrounded by drawings on the floor. Lawrence Kirkland was inspired by the microscopic world of the sciences and environment surrounding WSU to create this piece, “Stardust.” When you share this information with your family, you can also tell them this work is commissioned for a whopping $184,000!

6) In front of Somsen Hall


The large steps that lead into Somsen Hall facing Maxwell Hall provide a beautiful background of intricate stone and lush vines. See if you can spot the gargoyles at the top when you take the picture!

Each photo entered into the contest equals one chance entered to win a cool prize, so the more spots you visit and take a family photo at, the better your odds are! To enter, post your single photos, collage, collection or album to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #WarriorFamily by Monday, Sept. 26. If your privacy setting is not set to public, you can message your photo to WSU’s Facebook. The winner will be announced Wednesday, Sept. 28 on WSU’s Facebook page.

Show off your beautiful and photogenic campus and family by participating in the #WarriorFamily Photo Contest this weekend!

-Allison Mueller

The 8 Most Beautiful Things in Winona

No matter which direction you turn, who you’re talking to, or what you’re doing, you can find yourself in the midst of beauty. This especially goes for Winona, and it’s one of the millions of reasons why this city is so awesome! It’s no surprise the city of Winona ranked in The Culture Trip’s 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Minnesota. It’s home to some of the most beautiful sites and richest stories, and if you’re new to the area you might not know where to look. Here’s a list of the 8 most beautiful things in Winona, and they’re definitely worth looking into:

1) Sugarloaf


From experiencing its glow as you drive into Winona, or basking in the view it holds as you stand 85 feet into the sky at its top – Sugarloaf is a defining landmark for the city.

2) Garvin Heights


No matter how you get to the top, hiking or driving, you’re sure to enjoy the incredible view. Looking straight ahead you can see WSU’s campus and Winona’s neighboring cities.

3) The levee

Winona State's Cal Fremling Interpretive Center & Floating Classroom is pictured arriving at Levee Park.

Winona State’s Cal Fremling Interpretive Center & Floating Classroom is pictured arriving at Levee Park.

A stop on your way to the river, at Levee Park you can get a view of the bridge, grab a bite to eat at the Boat House Restaurant or head straight to the water to dip your toes in.

4) The mighty Mississippi

A view of the Mississippi River from the Cal Fremling's upper deck.

A view of the Mississippi River from the Cal Fremling’s upper deck.

You can enjoy the Mississippi River that flows along Winona in an abundance of ways. Boating, fishing, heading over to the beach or camping shoreside!

5) WSU’s campus


Winona State’s campus is known for its beauty. Vines cover the historical buildings, flowers and trees fill campus, and the Gazebo stands at its center. As students, you’ve seen campus many times already – but have you ever stopped to notice the details on the outside of buildings and the nature engulfing our campus?

6) The lakes


A big lake and small lake, both of which include paths around them. You can get in the water and enjoy a day paddle boarding or canoeing, or stay dry and play frisbee golf or travel the total 5.3 miles around both lakes. No matter what, you’ll be enjoying the beautiful bluffs that reflect off the lakes when you venture there.

7) The history

People pack the beach at Winona's Lake Park around 1950-1970. Photo taken from Minnesota Reflections.

People pack the beach at Winona’s Lake Park around 1950-1970. Photo taken from Minnesota Reflections.

Winona is rich in history. No matter the activity you’re participating in, which building you step into or which roads you drive on – they’ve all got a story of their own. It gives Winona a personality like no other town and a place of never-ending knowledge.

8) The bluffs

Photo taken from Wikitravel.

Photo taken from Wikitravel.

Of course – what comes to mind when you think of scenery in Winona! Standing tall and green in the summers, spreading marvelous colors in the fall, presenting beautiful snow-covered branches in the winter and blooming life in the spring, the bluffs surrounding Winona are always full of beauty. It just doesn’t get better than that.

-Lauren Reuteler and Allison Mueller

Perfect Time For a #WSUPokeCrawl!

WSU has Pokestops located at the Winona Community Fountain, Flyway Sculpture and Rearing Stallion Statue as well as a Gym located at the End of the Trail Statue.

These are just the PokeStops and gyms on campus. There’s many more scattered around Winona.


For new students–and even some returning students who’ve been gone for the summer months– the city of Winona is an unfamiliar place just waiting to be explored. But most of the time, I find myself staying close to campus for the week as I run between classes, the gym, study sessions and working at my campus job.

So, before we all get settled into our weekly campus routines, let’s take the time to experience beautiful Winona and the great businesses and hangout spots the city has to offer! And what better way to do that than through Pokemon GO, and participating in the #WSUPokeCrawl? After all, you gotta catch ‘em all!

For all you Pokemon lovers out there, an awesome online map has been created that marks many of the PokeStops and gyms located throughout Winona! Specific routes are outlined so you can maximize the number of Pokestops and gyms you’ll find along the way and hatch eggs efficiently. At each marker on the map, you can learn a little bit about the locations and see if nearby businesses offer any special deals for Pokemon trainers.

While you are out hunting Pikachu and getting to know your new home, it’s important to be polite when visiting businesses and public spaces–especially at memorials or other venerated places. Behavior that seems like harmless fun to you can come across as disrespectful to other people who may not play or understand Pokemon GO. There have been recent confrontations at the Veterans Memorial Park in Winona, and though the game has not been banned from the park, everyone is asked to be respectful of the veterans and the memorials in this space.

Team up with fellow Pokemon trainers on the #WSUPokeCrawl this weekend! It’s a great way to make new friends, expand your Pokedex and share the love of Pokemon GO. Happy hunting!


-Allison Mueller

#PurpleGoesGold Photo Contest



Welcome back to campus, students! In one short week you will begin classes and slowly see your planners fill with club activities, work schedules and exam dates. Before things start getting too busy, take the time during Welcome Week to get outside and do something fun! In spirit of the Rio Olympics this month, WSU is holding the #PurpleGoesGold Photo Contest, where students can submit photos of themselves exploring campus and Winona for a chance to win awesome prizes.

Not sure of what to do for a photo op? There are plenty of fun activities to do around Winona! Here are a few:

1) Go for a bike ride


If you don’t have a bike of your own, you can rent a bike for five hours at a time for free at the Student Resource Center in the lower level of Kryzsko.

2) Rent outdoor equipment


You can rent outdoor equipment and enjoy a full day canoeing, kayaking or disc golfing. Winona’s Lake Lodge Recreation Center is another great option for renting equipment for some outdoor fun.

3) Rock climb


The university’s Climbing Center is open Tuesday-Friday from 5-10pm, Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 12-6pm if you want to take on one of the largest university climbing walls in the Midwest. There are also spots around Winona to climb outdoors!

4) Go to the gym

Take advantage of the IWC track and workout equipment! The gym hours are Monday – Friday 6am-10pm, Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 12-10pm.

5) Play volleyball


Sand courts are located near residence halls and you are able to rent a volleyball from the hall’s front desk or use your own ball! Playing a volleyball game is a great way to make new friends and get to know your floormates.

6) Play frisbee golf and soccer


There are soccer fields located by the Bandshell near the Lake Lodge and two frisbee golf courses wrap around the lakes. You can rent frisbee golf equipment through WSU or the Lake Lodge, as mentioned in #2.

Photo submissions will be accepted until Sunday, Aug. 21 through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtag #PurpleGoesGold when you post your photo. If your privacy setting is not set to public, you can message your photo to WSU’s Facebook. Voting will take place on WSU’s Facebook Aug. 23 and 24. The gold, silver and bronze winners will be announced Thursday, Aug. 25.

Have fun, Warriors, and go for gold!

-Allison Mueller

Get on the Scholarship Grind RIGHT NOW


As the school year quickly approaches, so does the horrifying word “adulting.” This means busting out your planner, resurfacing the backpack you eagerly shoved in your closet at the end of May and crying as you apply for student loans and add to your debt. However, there is one thing you can do to make your bank account (and yourself) very happy – scholarships! Here’s how to go about it:

1) Start NOW


There isn’t a better time to apply for scholarships than now, in the summer. The earlier you apply, the better of a chance you have to get scholarship money. Also, right now you’re free of a full class load and you typically have more down time now than during the start of the school year.

 2) Visit the WSU scholarship page


Go to the university’s scholarship page to see all of the different options our university has to offer and look for answers to your questions!

3) Looking for something super easy?


Click the “Apply Now” button on the scholarship page and check out the Foundation Scholarships that are available. Once you sign in, you can fill out your general application that will attach to scholarship applications you submit. You can also view all of your submitted applications, check their statuses and search for tons of financial opportunities.

4) Don’t limit yourself to just WSU-specific scholarships


Browse other sources online for scholarships! A great place to start is the College Board, where you can look at scholarships through the most specific or broad window you’d like!

5) I’ve applied – what now?


Make sure to keep a close eye on your WSU email, as that is how most scholarship winners are announced. You can also check your “award letter” under the financial aid tab within your e-services account. Any further questions? The Warrior Hub is a great place to get answers.

Now, get to it Warriors!

-Lauren Reuteler

7 College Tips From a J Student

Three Winonan newspaper staff members and I attended the ACP/CMA Summer Workshop at the University of Minnesota this past weekend. We learned tons of new ideas for our paper and came away with a few life lessons as well. From left to right: Kilat Fitzgerald (features reporter), me (editor-in-chief), Zach Bailey (features editor) and Taylor Nyman (photo editor).

Three Winonan newspaper staff members and I attended the ACP/CMA Summer Workshop at the University of Minnesota this past weekend. We learned tons of new ideas for our paper and came away with a few life lessons as well. From left to right: Kilat Fitzgerald (features reporter), me (editor-in-chief), Zach Bailey (features editor) and Taylor Nyman (photo editor).


I’m not gonna lie – college isn’t easy. I am a journalism student and also the editor-in-chief of WSU’s student newspaper, The Winonan, and as with any college major, there will be times when you think you have your future figured out and you’re on the right track. Then there are times where you wonder why you even chose this major and how you’re going to make a living.

This past weekend, three Winonan staff members and I attended the ACP/CMA Summer Workshop in Minneapolis, which included 220 students from 78 schools and 36 states. The conference consisted of different workshops and I attended the Future of Digital Journalism track. I not only gained new ideas for our paper at the workshop, but I also took away a handful of tips to apply to my college career. These tips and life lessons are definitely applicable to any student in college, whether your major is journalism, math, psychology or nursing – whatever your future career, there’s no doubt you will endure roadblocks, struggles and doubts. Here are 7 things to keep in mind and follow while in college and beyond:

1) Embrace constraints and work with what you have
In our workshop we discussed how newspapers are often limited and constrained by budgets and the ever-changing industry. But despite these challenges, you need to work with what you have and make the most of your resources and abilities. The same goes for living in college – you may not always have everything you want, like a photographic memory, air conditioning in your place or a strong WiFi connection, but it’s important to embrace these restrictions and make the most out of your situation. You may need to make adjustments in life, but in the end everything works out and you need to be resourceful.

2) Work hard to get where you want to be
In the journalism field, more often than not you’re going to have to work your way up from the bottom. After college you’ll probably start out working the smaller jobs such as reporting for a small-town newspaper or being part of a team that works on social media – whatever direction you want to take your mass communication degree, you will still have to work hard for where you want to end up career-wise. In any situation in life or in a career, you need to have a goal and work towards it. Nothing comes easy, and having career goals will keep you grounded, motivated and focused.

3) Be careful what you post
This is so crucial while you’re in college. During the conference, one of the advisors from a Texas college newspaper began telling my staff members and I about a controversial Snapchat video of a fraternity one of the Texas reporters saw, and how the paper was probably going to use that video to support a a follow-up article. This is the perfect example of how students need to be mindful of what they’re posting on social media in college. I know this has been preached to you before, but it is true that you don’t know who is really looking at your posts, and these viewers may include future employers or current professors and bosses. Just be aware!

4) Don’t box yourself in
As mentioned above, when it comes to pursuing a career in journalism, it’s important to remember that you may not be doing exactly what you dreamed you’d be doing right away. If your interests lie with writing, you may have to work with video at some point. If you’re into videography, you may have to work with photos. It’s important not to be narrow minded heading into a journalism career, or any career. This goes for the college experience as well. Be diverse, be open to new ideas and push your limits. You’ll get farther in life if you’re open and can adapt.

5) Never stop learning
The ACP/CMA Workshop is a perfect example of this! Even though it’s summer break and The Winonan doesn’t resume printing until September, our staff continues to learn and better our publication by attending this conference yearly. In college, make the effort to teach yourself a few things along the way that will benefit you in the future. Remember, learning does not cease after you graduate. You’ll constantly be learning new things in your career and teaching yourself along the way can only help you get to where you want to be.

6) Don’t be afraid of change
In the ever-changing journalism industry, communication tools and media platforms will never stay the same for too long. That means you can’t be afraid of change as a journalist. This follows the two preceding points; you need to be open to this change and learn how to adapt. The same goes for in life. In college, you’re going to be going through tons of changes with friends, family and who you are as a person. You’ll discover new things about yourself and deal with situations you’ve never come across before. College changes you, and you shouldn’t be afraid of this change. Change is a good thing, and it can lead you to amazing experiences and relationships.

7) Make memories
As a journalist, you want to make people remember what you write, produce, photograph, etc. It’s about telling stories to last a lifetime, and that’s what college is all about as well. Make mistakes and bold decisions and you’ll create and share memories with people you can tell for years after you graduate. So do something different and try something new – write your own story and carry it with you forever.

Kilat, Taylor, Zach and I made some great memories at the conference and on our Minneapolis adventures! Never stop learning and trying new things.

Kilat, Taylor, Zach and I made some great memories at the conference and on our Minneapolis adventures after the workshops every day! Never stop learning and trying new things.


-Allison Mueller

Enhance Your College Experience: Advice From an Incoming Sophomore

As my freshman year at Winona State came to a close, I started to reflect on all the special opportunities I received and memories I had made just from getting involved here on campus. I can’t count how many times before my freshman year I heard, “Get involved on campus!” or “Join a club, there’s so many!” I began to doubt the idea because I thought I’d be too busy and that I’d meet enough people on my own so I didn’t see a strong of point. But, the suggestion to join something and get involved was one of the best pieces of college advice I have received. Saying that, and having one year of college under my belt, I’ve listed 5 tips to getting involved on campus for incoming freshmen this year, and even for upperclassmen!

1) Go to the club fair

Photo by Ka Vang '16.

Photo by Ka Vang ’16.

There are countless options for clubs for your major, minor, or just something you simply like. With all the clubs on campus you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your personality and what you enjoy. This year’s club fair is Saturday, August 20 from 1-3pm, so be sure to attend and see what WSU has to offer you!

2) Get involved

Photo by Ka Vang '16.

Photo by Ka Vang ’16.

I know you have heard this before, but I will say it again because it is that important. I met the most people in activities I got involved in – not so much in my classes or even my dorm. Even if you haven’t gotten involved so far in college it doesn’t mean it’s too late! Or if you’re unsure about it at first just give it a shot. You don’t want to look back when it’s too late after graduating and regret not trying something out. So go to the club fair, keep an eye out for posters on campus, announcements on digital signs and all other ways to learn about new opportunities!

3) Do something out of your comfort zone

Photo by Ka Vang '16.

Photo by Ka Vang ’16.

You might feel a little uneasy going outside your comfort zone by joining something new with new people, but that does not mean you shouldn’t go for it! You could very well thank yourself later for joining. I know not one small part of me regrets getting involved here.

4) Look for unique experiences

Photo by Ka Vang '16.

Photo by Ka Vang ’16.

Depending on the club or organization you join, there is something that sets it apart from the next. They could give you a once in lifetime experience, awesome experience in your desired career field, rare chances, etc. Most of all, joining a club on campus will allow you to make friends that have similar interests as you. This will make for lifelong relationships and memories.

5) Keep an open mind

Photo by Ka Vang '16.

Photo by Ka Vang ’16.

Having the chance to get involved may spark a fire inside of you for a passion you didn’t know you had. You can meet a variety of people from different backgrounds and learn from their perspectives. Being apart of a group can help you grow your voice, communication, and leadership skills. Also, it’s important to be open to new experiences and attitudes when searching for a club to join or organization to get involved in because you never know what you might like until you try it (just like moms tend to preach!).

I will continue to tell every freshman and friend of mine that hasn’t yet gotten involved on campus to join something that interests them or is something they’d usually never do. The experiences and friends you can gain have already drastically heightened my college experience thus far.

-Kassidy Jackson

Top 5 Sandwiches You Need to Eat in Winona


Everybody has a favorite food. Pasta, burgers, curry, sushi…. anything is a good choice. However, the real king of the food world is the sandwich. While they’re certainly tasty, they also serve as utensil-less vehicles of flavor. In Winona, there’s plenty of choices to fill that empty hole in your stomach. Based off of my taste testing, these are the five local sandwiches that fill it best:

1) Sunflower Veggie – Blue Heron Coffeehouse

Typically, vegetarian sandwiches tend to be a little boring. Either the sauce doesn’t give it enough flavor, or the veggies are cheap and plastic-y, or there just isn’t enough going on in the sammie to give it that kick of flavor. The Sunflower Veggie, however, is perfection. The mix of their herbed cream cheese, sprouts, and the grainy bread makes for some stellar grub.

2) Hummus BLT on Cranberry Bread – Blooming Grounds

This one, at first, makes no sense as a sandwich. Garlic hummus? With Bacon? And Cranberries? Nah, that can’t work. Well you know what, it totally does. The bacon and hummus give a much needed salty side to the sweet cranberry bread. Plus, they throw it through a panini press so you know it’s going to be good. Paninis are always good.

3) Full Combo – The Acoustic Cafe

This one’s a doozy! Acoustic’s warm sandwiches are always great, but the Combo takes it a bit further. Four kinds of meats, lettuce, tomato, peppers and the best sauce you could hope to ask for. Just be sure to go all out and get the full size. You’re gonna need it.

4) Cowboy Chicken on Focaccia – Winona Sandwich Company

This is a bit more specific than the others, seeing that I’ve been working on perfecting this for three years. The Cowboy chicken on it’s own is alright, but on focaccia bread it’s miraculous. Add in some sprouts, pico de gallo, lettuce, tomato and extra hot sauce and you’ve got a spicy piece of grub you’ll want to consume in perpetuity.

5) Turkey Aioli Sandwich – Bluff Country Co-op

The final, and most simplistic sandwich on the list, is the definition of “comfy.” The Co-op’s Aioli is pretty stellar, and when mixed with the turkey adds up to another super good sammie. The only downside is it’s only sold every so often, so you’ll have to keep your eyes open for it!

-Nathaniel Nelson