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5 Ways to Beat Procrastination

We all have a love-hate relationship with procrastination. An assignment is due next Monday so that means you’ll start it next Sunday, right? This technique may work for some people, but it can cause stress and if you put something off until the night before you usually won’t produce your best work. It’s time to get a handle on this killer habit of procrastination and get to work! Here’s how:

1. Don’t wait until the last minute


Just do it. If you’re given a month to finish a group project, don’t push it off. Start preparing a plan and a way to tackle the big assignment that first week. Work on parts of your project or assignment bit by bit each day. Your future self will thank you because you didn’t cram those couple days before it was due.

2. Find that motivation


Remind yourself frequently all the positives that will come out of all your hard work. Maybe you find your motivation from a great studying playlist that helps get you focused. Try getting a friend to help push you to finish your work and to stop procrastinating.

3. Put the phone and all other possible distractions away 


It’s hard to focus on schoolwork when you’d much rather be doing any other possible thing instead. But your phone is your number one distraction! If you’re working on homework in your room, put your phone on the complete other side of the room so you’re less tempted to check it every five minutes.  It’s crazy how much work you can get done when you’re not constantly texting and checking social media.

4. Make a to-do list 


Make a plan. When you write out all of your tasks and check them off one by one as you do them you will feel more accomplished and motivated to finish the next one. It’s a great feeling when you have check marks next to everything you needed to get done.

5. Reward yourself 


If you’re following your plan and feeling on track then you deserve a break! Try not to check any electronic devices for an hour and then reward yourself. Go get ice cream with a friend, watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix or take a nap. It’s okay to have short breaks, but not too many. After your reward be sure to hit the books again!

Good luck preparing for midterms, Warriors!

-Kassidy Jackson

How To Hunt For Housing

After freshman year it’s a little difficult to find housing. You can go through Winona State again and live somewhere else on campus, or you can find somewhere off campus. I chose the latter!

My friend and I were planning on living together on campus again, but found out that one of her classmates and friend were looking for a place to live next year also. We then decided to live off campus.

We knew that we could have pets because the other friend already had a dog. We thought it’d be great! Well, June 1st came and we all moved into our new place. She was working in her hometown for the summer so she dropped her stuff off and left to go back home.

I got a cat, and when my friend came back she discovered she was allergic to cats.

Things didn’t work out as far as living together, so here’s my first bit of advice: If you don’t know every quirk about your roommate(s) and can’t see yourself dealing with him or her, don’t live with them. Sometimes people don’t mesh well and that’s perfectly normal.

Now, my new roommate and I get along great! She deals with my quirks as do I with hers. We had to look for housing for next year since we don’t want to live with the dog, which was not fun.

We decided to go through the same landlord we have this year since she said she would give us a pet deal as we both have cats.

While deciding on a place was not easy or fun, the actual process was rather easy. We called our landlord and said we were looking for two bedroom places. She gave us some properties to look at on her website so we would have a better idea of the ones we like. We set up a time and place to meet and then took a tour of the places.

If you have never been on a house tour, they can sometimes be awkward. You walk into places that have people living there, and they’re sometimes even home at the time of your tour. So basically you intrude into their lives for about 10 minutes and imagine your stuff in place of theirs – kind of strange.

We looked at a total of three places, all on the same property.

The total time we spent looking at the places was probably around 15 minutes. After we were done, the landlord asked us if we had decided on what we wanted to do. And we had. We chose a cute little place just big enough for the cats and us. She gave us some time to think some more and we met at a neutral location: Hardee’s.

We sat down, signed leases and talked things over. Boom! Housing for next year, all set up. Plus we got some food!

So when looking for housing off campus here are some tips:

  1. Know the people you are going to live with. Friendships can be ruined when you live with your best friend, so make sure you can handle each other’s personalities and quirks.
  2. If you have family that is willing to come and help look at places you might pick, have them come! They have been in your position and have gone house hunting before. They know what to look for in a house, and they know what could potentially give you problems.
  3. Know your price point. I probably would have preferred to pay less than what I do now, but who wouldn’t? Besides, I have a cat. I can’t be too picky with my standards.
  4. Know your limits. Do you have a car? Are you willing to walk and bike in the snow when it rains or when it’s so hot you can barely breathe?
  5. Finally, pick a place you won’t hate once you move in. Make sure it has enough room for what you want there and what you want to do. Want to have get-togethers? Pick a bigger place. Want to be an introvert? Get a smaller place.

As a side note, if you decide to get a pet make sure your landlord is okay with it. Many landlords will kick you out if they find out you have a pet when the lease states that this is not allowed. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you and your pet will be homeless. It’s not fun for anyone.

Happy hunting!

-Rachel Adam

Show Your Shine on Pinterest!


What makes YOU shine?

Tell us what makes you shine! Tag @winonastateu in a tweet or Instagram post, or email the web communications department at with your name and photo, and we will add your photo to our Pinterest board. Check out what makes other Warriors shine!

Conquer Grad School Applications and Enjoy Your Senior Year!

Senior year has approached so quickly! My first real memory at Winona State University is sitting outside Sheehan with my floor and RA and being introduced to college life. This memory happened over three years ago; time passes by way too fast.

Senior year can be a challenge because in addition to completing the 400-level courses within your major, planning out additional schooling has to be done simultaneously.

Graduate school applications are terrifying. The first step is always to research the school and the program. For me, I’m researching for an exercise physiology masters program and I’m looking into the University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I’m not sure which one appeals to me more, but I do have time to make a decision.

If Minnesota winters are torture for you, researching schools in Florida, Arizona and California might be a great option. Personally, I couldn’t live without snow so I’m sticking to schools nearby me. Once you find the school that fits you, look at the application requirements. This is kind of obvious, but if you’re going to take the GRE or any graduate school test, find out which tests you need to take. Basically, the GRE is a very advanced ACT to a certain extent. The GRE is very expensive – it’s equivalent to about a month of rent! There are subject GRE’s like biology, physics and psychology. Figuring out what to study for and what test to take is the key to success for completing the applications.

While preparing for the GRE, it’s completely possible to have a super fun, jam-packed, awesome last year in the small town of Winona, Minn. Here’s a mini checklist of places to see and activities to do before graduation.

  1. Climb Sugarloaf – it’s okay to climb it again, and again! The view is definitely worth the hike.
  2. Visit the Blue Heron Coffeehouse and purchase a book to read all day.
  3. Go to all the home football games and root for the Warriors one last time. Don’t forget about the other sports such as basketball, baseball, volleyball and soccer! Check out the athletics schedule and map out your game plan (pun intended).
  4. Shop at thrift stores. Winona has various thrift stores where you can save money and get cheap stuff for the year.
  5. Have a bonfire across the lake the week before you graduate.

Unfortunately, due to being undecided with my major in college, I will have to stay another year at Winona State. I really would love to graduate on time, but it’s not in the cards. I’m on the five-year plan and by this time next year I will be a super senior. As much as I’m disappointed in not graduating on time, I get to enjoy Winona State a little bit longer!

Hiking Sugar Loaf will never get old for me!

Hiking Sugar Loaf will never get old for me! 

-Mariah Kaercher

It's Family Weekend!

Get creative with your "W" poses this weekend!

Get creative with your “W” poses this weekend!

Make your beds and do your laundry – it’s Family Weekend! There are tons of events and activities scheduled this weekend for you and your family, as well as plenty of photo opportunities. Here is a challenge for all the Warrior families this weekend:

The challenge is to get creative! Gather two or more family members and make a WSU “W”. Post your snaps to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with #WarriorFamilyPride in the caption. WSU will repost your “W” photos on the university’s Facebook page for voting. The family photo with the most votes wins a prize!

Questions? Contact Allison Mueller at

-Allison Mueller

Winona State is on Snapchat!


That’s right folks, Winona State has a Snapchat!

Add the username winonastateu to keep up on live events on campus as well as other Winona State happenings!


Are You Ready For #WSUHoCo15?

Hello Warriors!

It’s Homecoming season again, and this year WSU has some great activities in store for our students.

Today is the last day to vote online for this year’s homecoming king and queen. You only get one vote this year, so make it count!

Women’s Soccer
Our first events take place on Saturday, Sept. 19. Women’s soccer will play against Wayne State College in the Warrior Stadium at 1pm. They will take on Augustana College the following day in the Warrior Stadium at 1pm. Come to the games and cheer on our women’s soccer team! 

Women’s Volleyball
Also on Saturday, Sept. 19 the women’s volleyball team will play against Concordia University at 4pm. Make your way over to the McCown Gymnasium after the women’s soccer game to see more Warrior action!

Medallion Hunt & Coronation


Here is your royalty from last year. Those faces will be changing again this year. Wonder who it will be?

On Monday, Sept. 21, the Medallion Hunt begins and daily clues will be given until the 25th. There will also be free root beer floats at the Gazebo at 11am for the first 500 people. That means you need to get there fast! Also on Sept. 21 is the Homecoming Coronation where our new homecoming king and queen will be revealed.

Glow in the Dark Games
On Tuesday, Sept. 22 glow in the dark games will take place at 8pm at the Gazebo, depending on weather.

Chalk & S’mores
The Chalk the Walk sidewalk-decorating contest will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 23 from 11am-3pm and a S’mores and More Bonfire will be at 8pm. You can find the contest at the Gazebo and the bonfire will be in the courtyard.

Comedy & Canyon Spells
On Thursday, Sept. 24 there is a comedy show in Somsen auditorium at 7:30pm. Then at 8:45pm Canyon Spells plays at Mugshots in Lourdes.

Pep Fest & Light It Up Dance Party


Get down to Pep Fest and shake your butt!

On Friday, Sept. 25 from 11am-2pm there will be a club fair and pep fest, both at the gazebo. To spice up your night there will be a Light It Up Dance Party in Kryzsko Commons at 7:30pm sponsored by UPAC.

Waddle, Parade & Game


You have to go to the parade or you’re not a real warrior! Just kidding! But seriously, you have to go.


Start the next morning off with the Warrior Waddle 5k at Lake Park Lodge on Saturday at 8am! After that, join us at the Homecoming Parade on Huff Street, followed by the Tailgate Party at the courtyard. Finish the day with football at 2:30pm. Our Warriors will be taking on the St. Cloud State Huskies and it’s sure to be one heck of a game!


Then after the parade, get to the game and show some Warrior Pride!

Clean Sweep


Even the Homecoming King helps clean up after the festivities.

To end our Homecoming week celebration, there will be the annual Clean Sweep of Downtown Winona on Sunday, Sept. 27 at 2pm. We encourage all of our students to help keep our town looking nice and clean.

So now all you have to do is attend these events and have some fun!

-Rachel Adam

How to Survive Anatomy Class


Anatomy is the class that’s known to be brutal. The class itself is only a 50-minute lecture three days a week, but the amount of hours you need to study to learn the information can be a burden. When I took Anatomy, I had my brief moments of panic when I had to learn the bones and their features plus the muscles and their locations. This panic eventually subsided and I passed Anatomy with flying colors. I earned an A for the first semester and second semester I missed an A by 2% – I haven’t gotten over it yet. Having endured the class, I prepared survival tips to master the full year of Anatomy.

Study every day. Seriously, pull out the lecture notes and look over them for a half hour every day. Go to the anatomy lab for the lab portion to use the models because it really helps. A little bit each day will help with learning the information, and when the time comes to take the exam you won’t have to study nearly as hard the night before. After studying reward yourself with Netflix! Doctor Who is an amazing show to watch after studying.

Take advantage of tutoring and S2I. Doing this will raise your chance of earning the A. You can visit Tutoring Services to find a tutor. This is free on campus so it’s silly not to take advantage of it! Tutoring Services also offers answers about S2I. This program is also free for students, so try and make at least one session a week.

You may fail a lab exam, and I promise it will be okay. I failed my cardiovascular/respiratory lab exam. By failing I mean I earned a 49%. Use that exam as a learning curve for improvement. After my lab exam, I learned more of the cardiovascular system. Now I know the atrioventricular valves and the conduction system of the cardiac cycle by heart (pun fully intended).

Forming a study group is an awesome way of meeting new people and reviewing the material. Everyone in this class is stressed, so come together and study. The library or even the third floor of the SLC are great places to meet.

Don’t just memorize – learn. Memorizing is important to a certain extent, especially when learning the bones. However, if you take the time to learn the information it will stick with you longer. That way you don’t ask yourself later, “Does the femur have trochanters or tubercles?”

Finally, take the time to know your professor. Visit during office hours and ask questions or just engage in simple conversation. Anatomy is a huge lecture classroom so your professor doesn’t have any clue that you exist. Professors have interesting study tips and can explain information in various ways so it makes sense.

Anatomy class is tough, but I promise that you can get through it. As for Exercise Science majors, Anatomy is one of the toughest classes you will take – and one of the most rewarding! Nothing feels better than acing a test you’ve been studying like crazy for.

 -Mariah Kaercher

11 Things They Don’t Tell You About College

  1. You don’t have to ask to go to the bathroom.


Professors know that you’re an adult. When you have to go, just go!


  1. Build relationships with your professors.


Go to them during their office hours if you need help and ask questions. Professors are here to help you succeed in college. It’s not only good to feel comfortable in the classroom, but you never know what kind of connections you can make that may help you in the real world.


  1. The freshman 15 is real.


As much as you want to avoid it, those pesky late night study snacks will catch up to you.


  1. When you get the opportunity to get free food, take it!


Since the freshman 15 is inevitable, we might as well take every opportunity we can to attend events that provide free food. You can’t pass that up!


  1. Professors love when you speak up in class.


Rather than talking at you, professors often provide discussions that allow you to voice yourself and learn from the people around you. Don’t be afraid to chime in!

  1. Don’t freak out if you bomb your first test.


No matter what kind of student you may be, there will always be a test or two that gets the best of you. Don’t sweat it. One test won’t define your future.


  1. You and your roommate will drive each other crazy sometimes.


Naturally, living in a shoebox with another person can be frustrating at times. But, at the end of the day, your roommate is the one you can count on most.


  1. All-nighters aren’t the answer to an A.


Although staying up until sunrise seems like a great way to memorize all 283 notecards for your exam the next day, it often times doesn’t end well and creates havoc to your sleep schedule.


  1. Talk to anyone and everyone – they may become some of your closest friends.


Whether you’re standing in line or knocking on doors in the dorms, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and strike up a convo! You never know whom you could meet.


  1. Learning things the hard way, is the best way.


Lots of times, in college, things wont go your way. You’ve just got to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and remember that everything that happens is a learning experience.


  1. Your homesickness will go away as WSU becomes your new home.


You wish you could be back home sometimes… but after you build yourself here, your friends become your family and this becomes your home.


-Lauren  Reuteler

Move-in Day Contest: #WSUhome

It’s finally here, the beginning of your college career. As you share your Move-in Day experiences on Twitter and Instagram, don’t forget to tag your pics with #WSUhome, you could win prizes! Snapchatters: Be sure to use WSU’s Move-in Day geofilters, and then save and share your snaps.
Contest Rules
1. Capture your favorite Move-in Day moments (e.g. meeting your new roomie, posing with your can’t-live-without-it item, hugging your family goodbye, etc.)
2. Post your photos to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using #WSUhome
3. WSU will collect all the #WSUhome pics and create an album on WSU’s Facebook, where people can then vote for their favorite pics by Liking them.
4. The three pictures with the most Likes by noon on Friday, Aug. 21 will receive prizes!
If you have questions, email
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@winonastateu), Instagram (@winonastateu),and Snapchat (winonastateu) to stay up-to-date with Move-In Day!
Welcome to our WSU family! Have a fantastic Move-in Day!