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It’s the Finals Countdown

A football scoreboard with 4:59 left on the clock

The last 5 minutes–or 5 days–always feels like an eternity.


It’s almost the end of the semester.

My classes are wrapping up one by one and I am gleefully ticking off the days on my calendar.


This has been one of my toughest semesters due to the amount of coursework I had to do every evening. I was up until at least midnight every night including weekends and if I did make myself take a break, the feeling that I should be working on something remained scratching around in the back of my mind. Finally, the intense pace has relented and after a Thanksgiving Break—a true break, where very little homework was done in favor of family, friends and fun—I have returned to WSU with a coasting mentality and next to no motivation.

All I want to do is to go on Winter Break for four weeks of getting a decent night’s sleep, having weekends again, finishing sewing projects, reading novels and watching tv shows I didn’t have time for during the semester. Really, is that too much to ask??


There’s just one problem—it’s almost the end of the semester.

That means there are final exams to study for and final papers to write. I can’t afford to just float through these gray and dreary days, no matter how much I want to just shove all my textbooks and classroom handouts into a box hidden deep under my bed or better yet, hurled into the recesses of a dumpster. If I follow through on that delicious daydream, all of the hard work and long evenings I put in these last three and a half months will have been for nothing.

So this post is as much a pep talk for myself as it is for all of you. I’m sure that you are just as ready for Winter Break as I am, but I’m telling you—you need to stay focused so as not to jeopardize the grades you’ve worked so hard to earn. Keep doing your best work, putting in the diligent effort for just two more weeks.

If you can do it—and I know you can— then break will be all the more rewarding without the worry about your final results this semester.

All right, here’s to the end! Stay strong!

–Elizabeth Meinders

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