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Students...Start Your Bicycles!

The mascot Wazoo fixes a bike by the gazebo

Wazoo always participates in Bike Week too.

Bike Week is here again… the sun is shining (well…hopefully), the grass is turning green, and it’s time to get those bikes out of the garage.

So here’s the sitch: Environmental Club is hosting Bike Week from April 21- 25, every day from 11am-3pm. Whether you need old tires pumped up or that squeaky chain oiled,  come get your bike fixed up for free at the WSU campus gazebo. Not only will you get a bicycle ready for the warm weather, but you’ll be rewarded for your biking efforts throughout the week. If the Bike Phantom visits your bike on campus and leaves you a tag, head to the gazebo to be entered to win a brand new bike!

Bike Week is a time to contemplate your own habits—and just in time for Earth Day! Every day, Americans use about 365 million gallons of gasoline. You read right–million. By taking bikes to campus, you lean less on cars and fossil fuels, and help the earth and your own health at the same time! It’s a win-win.

So grab your old bike and join in!

–Leah Dobihal

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